Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The patient is doing well

Aldi is all good again. She was walking normal again after the third day. I am still trying to keep her quiet but she is eating and drinking again and I am happy.


  1. Hi Mike, thanks for your comment on my blog. Good to see that your dog survived the tick. We always say that we wouldn't pay the vet fees, but I think if it ever came to it, we would want to save our little mates too. Good luck with your block, its hard work, but better than sitting at home in the city right! Cheers, Liz

  2. Thanks Liz. It certainly is hard work and some days you think am I going to win the weed war?
    Other days the picture is clear, a rehabilitated block with some cows and chickens, an orchard and a good life.

  3. It was 2011 when you last posted this message. I hope Aldi got all better. I've only just stumbled on your blog now.

    Weeds, weeds, glorious weeds - we have them in abundance here too. Although we live on site and don't have to travel for hours in the car, just to start attacking them. Although, if land is your calling it's hard to live with any other reality than what is sheer nature in abundance.