Friday, October 21, 2011

Beware it's Tick Season

While I was posting some of my trip photos yesterday morning I noticed my dog Aldi had gone lame. Immediately I suspected a tick, searched and found it. I've removed them myself in the past on my other dogs but they were not affected at that point.
I didn't dare risk self treatment at this point as she had lost control of her hind. So I took her to the vet who was anxious to point out that treatment would cost from 800-1000+. Which at this stage was unaffordable because I don't trust plus quotes. So I said I'd have to take her home and hope for the best. At least they gave her a sedation and got the tick off.
Then they suggested leave her for a days treatment for 600 dollars. What could I do she's my buddy so I said ok. I've got her home now and have to keep her quiet for a month. Which at the moment is easy as she is still unable to walk.
But that kills any plans to go to the property this weekend. 


  1. Oh I feel for you, and your doggie friend. We had the same problem about two years ago, nearly lost our springer spaniel with tick bite fever. He stayed for a whole week for treatment and to rest away from our other dogs.He got a full shave to find more ticks and drenched in a spray that kills the tick still on the dog. Haven't had his back at the farm since. Warned his heart could be affected it was that bad. Your in our thoughts.

    Rina ... Our Slice of Heaven

  2. Thanks for the well wishes. For Aldi the bite of the tick is all but forgotten. For me the bite of the vet still lingers.
    Your place is coming along nicely. I am envious.