Monday, December 14, 2009

Lack of inspiration

It's been another fortnight since I could get to the property and even though there was a small amount of rain it all looks real ugly at the moment. I felt so uninspired at the weekend all I did was kept my fruit trees alive with a thorough soaking.
If these weather conditions continue with the northerlies so much I reckon we could see heatwaves in the 40's for a week at a time come January.
I have gone and got myself a puppy to replace Ruby although I could never replace her. The puppy is just so adorable but poor Aldi was crying when I brought her home. She is a little red cattle pup born on the 11th August and is called Kelly. I could have renamed her but I thought I may as well leave her with the name the breeder gave her. If I did rename her I'd call her smiley because she has the cutest lines either side of her mouth that makes it look as if she is smiling all the time.
I will post a picture of her soon but I think I've posted enough dog pictures for now.
My chooks at home are laying very slow. But at least they are laying. I've marked some eggs with a smiley face so I can tell the older eggs from the fresh ones. they've taken it in turns to go clucky. Psycho last year and dopey and chookie chook this year. I feel sorry for psycho as the other two sit on the eggs all the time and she's all alone. They use to always stick together the three of them.