Monday, August 22, 2011

Dog bones and echidnas

Things are happening in twos at the moment. I found another dog skull and some bones on the inside of my fenceline. A little smaller than the last. How strange to be finding these all of a sudden. Also spotted a small echidna near the dam and then later that day a bigger one in the front paddock.
I also finally got the courage to take the tractor down the back and found I had reason to be hesitant. The ride down was ok as I always suspected but coming back up was hairy as can be. I was concerned it might lack the power and stall halfway up which would not be good with the brakes as they are. However the scariest part is the front wheels lifting and going sideways when you want to go straight. Fortuantely a clump of ground blocked them and the rear wheels pushed forward enough in time to make it up in one go. You seriously would not want to stop, roll back and try again.
I wish I had pictures for show and tell but I don't. It was good to clean up the lower parts.
I'll be away for a while now. I am off overseas for 5 weeks after 10 years since the last time. I am sad and not even looking forward to going at the moment but I have always wanted to do this trip with dad and as he is in good shape now for 76 and he is concerned for his sisters health, it is best to do it before he is not able. I know once we take off and my mind is focussed on the trip I'll be happy. But Gully has a draw on me so strong now, I can't wait to be back.

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